From modernising commercial insurance to helping with efficiency in hospitals, we are excited to take on challenges from industries in digital transformation and companies that change our world.

Placing Platform

InsurTech, insurance, reinsurance

Modernising Lloyd's of London - digital transformation

Modernising Commercial Insurance

We helped Whitespace Software to create a training-free risk placing platform that will modernise the Lloyd’s of London and the world’s largest commercial insurance market.

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Bleepers app


Did you know that pagers are still in use in NHS hospitals? Bleepers is our proposal for replacing this legacy technology with an intuitive task manager that supports clinical governance.

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Military, healthtech, Wearables

We’ve been helping Equivital to deliver military-grade applications for their innovative wearable technology that have attracted the likes of BP. Read More →

Molecular Health

Biotech, AI

MH’s Dataome AI technology

MH’s Dataome AI technology

Based in Heidelberg and Boston, this German biotech is revolutionising medicine by curating the world’s medical data and using AI and machine learning to provide insights and outcomes. We supported the Pharmaceutical team with communicating their Artificial Intelligence engine DATAOME to large Pharma corporations.

Small Pharma

Pharmaceutical, Biotech

Small Pharma logo RGB v02_CC.png

Small Pharma is an innovation driven pharmaceutical startup with the bold vision to serve unmet needs in drug development. We created a distinctive identity and a range of communication materials that helped the startup secure vital fundraising and attract talent, required to develop sophisticated IP assets.

Global Alternatives

fintech, real estate

Global Alternatives are building a centralised trading exchange and capital markets ecosystem for real estate. We helped them create a high-fidelity proof of concept that successfully explained their value proposition to investors and stakeholders.