Whitespace Digital Placing Platform


Whitespace is an electronic risk-placement system, recognised by Lloyd’s, which is helping to transform the corporate and specialty insurance market. We are leading the UX, from conception to delivery.

It’s really Impressive, It blows existing tech out of the water. Pretty good the way it’s laid out, the importance you put on usability, and clearly it’s well thought through.
— Jonathan, AXA XL Underwriter

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Bleepers app


Did you know that pagers are still in use in NHS hospitals? Bleepers is our proposal for replacing this inefficient legacy technology with an intuitive task manager that supports clinical governance.

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Trixcite Smart Yacht

Maritime, Internet of Things, AI

TriXcite’s mission is to build the world’s first zero-emissions yacht with autonomous features. Their vision will deliver an unparalleled sailing experience — and that’s where we come in.

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Military, Medical, Wearables

We’ve been working on the user interface of Black Ghost since 2016, helping Equivital deliver military-grade smart wearable systems that have attracted the likes of BP.

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Molecular Health

Biotech, AI

Based in Heidelberg and Boston, this German biotech firm is revolutionising research and pharma with advanced medical AI. We’ve been developing communication design for their pharma strategy.

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Small Pharma

Pharmaceutical, Biotech

This pharma startup is solving unmet needs and exploring a new approach to the drug development process. 2xUX contributed in their seed round with targeted communication design.

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