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Black Ghost by Equivital


2xUX works with innovators who create technology that enables new and more efficient ways of doing things. Equivital is one of those companies that makes products to dramatically improve safety in danger zones by their real-time monitoring wearable technologies.

Mission screen UI from our prototype

Mission screen UI from our prototype

It’s been exciting journey for us to help design tech that saves lives, what is greater than that?

We proudly helped Equivital to improve the experience of their application Black Ghost that collects and displays the data from the LifeMonitor wearable device.

Black Ghost is currently deployed in hazardous environments around the world: military training, conflicts, and terrorist strike zones but also in dangerous industrial environments in oil and gas industry. Real-time monitoring of the physiological state of personnel in hazard zones prevents from heat-stress and many other conditions and saves lives. But in reality the applications of such device are endless. Read more

We had an excellent collaboration between Cambridge and London to enhance the interface of the app. With careful task analysis and high fidelity prototyping we recreated and simplified the information architecture for making the life of medics and personnel just a bit easier when on a stressful mission.

Overall design, look and feel is really liked by all team. It’s a huge improvement, clear and clean.
— Ekta Sood, Head of Product

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