Podcasts to keep you up to speed

— 2019 edition —

🎧 Yep, it's worth a listen!

Listening to podcasts has become an important part of my day-to-day commute and education. I’ve got to admit I’ve always loved spoken-word radio. There is a great wealth of high quality, free shows out there on pretty much any topic, no matter how specialist. You just need to find them.


I feel that entrepreneurship is now pushing boundaries of creativity mostly through technology. The role of design in business is now well defined and designers must be native in the business context in which they provide value.

Here, are some of my favourite podcasts:

Business and Start-Ups

The bottom line

One of my favourite generalist business programmes. Evan Davis’ 30 minute Radio 4 show discusses a range of business topics with three guests from various industries.

Fintech Insider and Insurtech insider

Our Devonshire square neighbours and fintech experts 11:FS are leading the way, in that today’s consultancy firms must be equally capable content producers - featured top on iTunes!

The soul of the enterprise

In Voice-America’s live show and podcast, Ron Baker and Ed Kless are analysing business in the knowledge economy. A must listen for consultants.

How I built This

Guy Raz interviews the entrepreneurs behind business success stories.

HBR ideaCast

Quite Academic, but a huge resource on business subjects across the spectrum..

Y Combinator

Great resource for tech startup mechanics. A wealth of startup resources on their site too.

a16z podcast

Interesting tech world insights by the venture capital firm in Silicon Valley, that backs bold entrepreneurs building the future through technology.


Exponential View

Excellent analysis of the world of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on society and business by Azeem Azhar.

Instech London

If you are into #Insurtech this one is for you. Matthew Grant, Paolo Cuomo and Robin Merttens discuss the tech trends and business challenges in insurance industry with guests from the most innovative companies in the space.


High Resolution

Great show with high profile interviews, explaining how companies deploy design.  

Monocle on Design

Monocle magazine’s showcase of architecture and design.

UI Breakfast

Useful resources for designers and design businesses.

General interest

Revisionist History

Fantastic programme by Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Outliers.

50 things that made the modern economy

Learn the basics of modern economy and beyond in 9 minute lessons.

Slow Burn

Another excellent show investigating political stories from a unique perspective.

The Art Of Charm

Informative discussions on self improvement, psychology and social skills.

And there is more good stuff on my list

Brexitcast #Brexit. You know. Mess. This is how to get your head around it.

Masters of scale #Startups, by Linkedin’s Reid Hoffman

Recode Decode #tech by Sara Swisher


…the list goes on

Any good stuff I missed? Let me know in the comments bellow

Enjoy listening. 🎧🎧🎧