Creating easy-to-use products that customers love to talk about is our raison d’être.


We work intensively with firms from the insurtech, healthcare and fintech space to create enterprise products that are consumer-grade – ensuring that their investment in UX truly pays off. We see UX as an untapped resource in many industries.

All our clients are tech companies who are transforming their industries with their thinking-ahead products. For example Whitespace Software are leading the way in user-friendly and data-driven electronic placements for London’s specialty insurance market. In their words, our experience design has been “intrinsic to the demand they create”.

2xUX is a small and nimble UX consultancy that embeds into tech organisations, adopts their objectives, challenges and culture, and uses design thinking to deliver measurable outcomes.


Spyros Zevelakis

— Director

Spyros founded 2xUX in April 2017, following a successful career as a lead product designer in London’s tech scene. He maintains an active interest in the InsurTech and start-up space, and believes strongly in the transformational power of intuitive experiences. He’s also a dad, an artist and a curious learner with plenty of side hustles.

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